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The Learning Journal, along with their reading book, has to travel to and from school DAILY in their zip bag, as we use it on a daily basis.

There won’t be a 'Homework sheet' sent home every week, but only when there is a specific task for that week. However, homework includes daily reading, daily maths basic facts learning (tests 4x a week) and weekly spelling words (test on Fridays). Sometimes, weekly spelling words, maths facts and/ or other sheets will still be glued into the Journal on a weekly base. Occasionally, teachers will also write or leave notes for parents in the Learning Journal.

Teachers check and mark the Learning Journals on Fridays. Please go through your child’s Journal and sign it by Thursday nights. Encourage them to discuss their learning with you, particularly around your spelling, reading and maths goals. Please give them feedback on how they are getting on and deliberate about their next steps.

Home Learning Support:

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Year 6 group learning requests:

At times there will be a home-learning request that will come home for all year 6 students. These will have a time line and a summary will also appear below. Please check regularly.

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Week 1: Complete the title pages and Duraseal covering for all your books as soon as possible

Week 2: Share your invite for Meet the Teacher with your parents. Start working on your spelling words.

Week 3: Mathletics passwords have been issued.
Spelling list sent home
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Week 4: Start working on your reading goals.
Start working on your maths goals.

Week 5:

Week 6:

Week 7:

Week 8:

Week 9:

Week 10: